5 Ways a Personal Shoppers Can Save You Money

Why doesn’t everyone use an auto broker or personal car buyer when trying to buy a new or pre-owned car?

Many folks just don’t know such a service exists, or think it’s only for the rich and famous.  Most auto brokers or personal car shoppers are referred by friends, family and previous clients. However, some brokers do business differently, so finding the right relationship is key when deciding what car to buy and who to have help you. The fact is, an auto broker is immersed in the business of buying cars every day, which gives them a certain advantage over the most educated car buyer who purchases a new or used car once every five years.

Most auto brokers or car buying agents have worked in auto dealerships in the past. They know the process and unique scenarios of the car business that can confuse the car shopper. As a result, a good auto broker can help you eliminate the confusion and work with your best interest in mind. They will advise you of the reliability of the car you are considering and can offer you other options as well.

Even if you educated yourself for months, shopped several dealerships around the region and haggled for weeks, it’s all a huge waste of time, money and energy unless you enjoy that type of thing.

1) An Auto Broker deals in volume 

The broker saves you enough money to justify his/her fee/commission and then some!  The paperwork is already printed and ready to go when you arrive for delivery. (BTW: why do dealers do business with brokers? The dealer knows if you are using a auto car broker in the area, you will still service locally, so it saves time and money not to have a salesperson, finance manager or sales manager tied up on a low profit deal, so they make the deal fast and easy with the broker, and you might not have come to his dealership to buy.)

2) An Auto Broker knows the current value of your trade-in on the wholesale and retail used car market.

If your broker also sells used cars, he may take you car in trade and resell it for additional profit. However, in most cases the dealership (local) will take the trade-in and the auto broker will push for more money where it is justified.

3) An Auto Broker knows aftermarket products

(extended warranties, GAP insurance) and what the cost should be, which are good for your unique situation and which are not.

4) An Auto Broker understands auto loan financing.

They can address your credit issues and discuss the likely interest rate or lease comparisons. Auto brokers will get you the special 0% interest rate incentives and ultra-low lease payments where you qualify.

5) An Auto Broker has access to auto auctions 

This lets them go to “find” you a particular used car and save you the dealership mark-up.   You will be able to “see” the car with pictures, but most auto auctions will not allow retail clients on the auto auction floor.

All in all, using an auto broker or personal car shopper can reap you huge rewards in the stressful car shopping-car buying process.

At The Automotive Advisor, we’re happy to help you with your next vehicle purchase or lease or answer any questions you may have about our service.  We can help you with new, pre-owned, certified pre-owned, purchase or lease and your trade-in.

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