Tips To Stay Safe and Avoid Being Cheated When Selling Your Car To Another Individual

Selling your car on your own can mean more money for you. It can also quickly turn into a bad experience. To keep the likelihood of that to a minimum, follow these simple rules.

Let a close friend know what you are doing and the time you should be done. Call them when you’re done.
Get the buyers first and last name before meeting them for a test drive. Do your homework on them and don’t be afraid to Google their name. This is important for your safety and to ensure a smooth transaction.

Meet the prospective buyer in a very public place for the test drive.

Do not meet at your home unless you know the buyer.

Let a close friend know what you are doing and the time you should be done. Call them when you’re done.

If you can bring a friend with you for an extra set of eyes, do it. Still let someone else know your plan.

Check for a current drivers license before the prospective buyer drives your car. No current drivers license means no insurance coverage from your insurance company. This should be a non-negotiable.  If you can, take a picture of the driver’s license.

Be sure to have any promises by either party documented and signed, with a witness if possible.

When completing the purchase transaction, meet at a branch of your bank during business hours if at all possible.

This will enable your bank to verify that the buyer’s cashiers check or certified funds are not counterfeit. This should also make a notary available should you need one.

Be sure to call ahead to let your banker or a rep know when you will be coming in and let them know if you will need a notary.

If the buyer is paying in cash, ask your bank to check for counterfeit currency and to ensure rules are followed if applicable for the over $9,999.00 cash transaction.

DO NOT accept a personal check

Meeting at a bank should also make folks with less than good intentions nervous.

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Best of luck!

Joey C. Bouknight
The Automotive Advisor
Your Car Buying Service