What to do when your car lease ends.

This may be a great opportunity to make a little money on your car at lease-end or near lease-end.

Many 2008-2009 leased cars are coming off their typical 3 year lease now and in the near future. In 2008=09, a much smaller number of people leased and purchased new cars than in previous years. The result of this is a shortage in the supply/demand cycle in the current pre-owned car market. Some leasing companies were quite conservative in forecasting future values (residuals) of cars and especially SUV’s due to the uncertain economic outlook in 2008. 

Due to the shortage of clean off lease cars and some new cars, the actual value of your car may be more than your residual. We are happy to help you determine if this applies to you. If it does, you may want to consider other options than just turning your vehicle in to the leasing company. We can discuss those options with you as well.

It only takes a few minutes to call and check and you could end up in better shape than you expected.

Feel free to call Joey C. Bouknight @803.261.7300 with any questions or to check your value versus residual.