The Automotive Advisor LLC

When you want the car, not the hassle.

Shopping for your next car can be a very confusing and even intimidating task. Manufacturers boast they have the best vehicles and dealerships claim they have the best deals. Once you have narrowed the choices down, you still have to spend hours waiting at one or multiple dealerships. Maybe you will get a salesperson you are comfortable with, maybe you wont.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone you could call that worked with your best interest in mind? Someone that did not represent a particular brand; but instead, a brand of service that makes getting your next car enjoyable. It was for that reason; The Automotive Advisor opened its doors and started helping people in Columbia and elsewhere in January of 2000.

Locally owned and operated, The Automotive Advisor is a full service automotive shopping company that specializes in representing you during your entire purchase or lease. We advise you as to the reliability, safety and resale value of late model and new vehicles.

Are you in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle for you, your family or your business? Let The Automotive Advisor help you and see why most of our new business comes through referrals of our satisfied customers.

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